Mel has lost an incredible 10 stone since being with aspire as her before and after photos show.  Even more amazingly she did it in one year!  Recently she was interviewed by Wales Online about her weight loss.  You can read more about Mel and her achievement here




"I used to suffer with regular migraines that would affect my work and social life.  The effects would include extreme pain in my head and shoulders, sickness and a complete lack of motivation.  Since joining aspire fitness I have had regular sports massage on my neck and back as part of my training and my migraines have all but gone.  My energy levels have improved and my activities now include running, circuits, personal training, mountain climbing and hill walking.  My general health has improved, my physique has become more toned and my body fat has dropped off! " Tim

Tim deadlifting 120kg as part of a training session



"I had always thought that only people in Hollywood could afford personal trainers but that isn't the case.  aspire fitness fees are modest and good value because my personal trainer is with me every minute of the session advising and encouraging me to do the right exericse for my needs.  After a year the physical improvements were obvious.  My posture was upright and confident and I walked more quickly.  I could get up from a low seat without support and I was able to move easier and without pain.  I felt I have come a long way from the 78 year old who, when she started had to take a leg in both hands to lift it on to a cycling machine!"  Mary (83)

Mary showing exactly how much improvement she has made!



"I couldn’t let yesterdays time of 1.48.55 Cardiff Half Marathon) go without saying a huge thank you to all of you. 15 months ago I didn’t believe I could ever join a gym and now here I am knocking 13 minutes 30 seconds off my personal best!  Running club alone has taught me to know when to run hard and not to be worry if someone passes me.  The gym has enabled me to be much more positive, I have fewer ‘low’ days and that is down to you creating a place that is very friendly and recognises the potential in everyone."  

To read about Vicky's 345 mile ultramarathon run across Ireland click here.



Rima & Reenal

Rima and Reenal have not only lost almost 50kg between them, they have completely transformed their bodies and fitness levels. From not being able to run for a minute they have completed the Cardiff half marathon and Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge aswell as numerous 5k and 10k races. They have also considerably improved their muscular strength and tone, both comfortably lifting over their bodyweights, and completing full pullups.


 "Thank you very much! For all the help and training provided to complete the 3 peaks challenge. We believe that without your professional guidance and encouragement we would have never completed it! Thank you for making it one of the most memorable experiences we have ever had." Rima & Reenal


Sean AllenSpud

"I just wanted to put into words how much I appreciate all the support that you gave me throughout the 21 in 21 MarathonChallenge. You got me through some really challenging days. We have now raised £14,000 for Alexander and the ‘A little something’ trust fund. The ultimate success of the challenge would not have occurred had I not had good people such as yourself in my corner."  Sean Allen (Who completed 21 marathons in 21 days) 

Read about Sean's challenge here



"I’ve struggled with my weight and body image all of my life. My confidence was on the floor and I used food as a comfort when things went wrong. “Treat foods” were part of my everyday diet and I used every trick in the book to avoid giving exercise my all and racked up little used gym memberships all over Cardiff! I finally reached a point where I came to realise that I was what was holding me back. I started training with Pete twice a week and combined this with a calorie controlled diet (with a healthy amount of treats!). The training made me try things way out of my comfort zone such as using weights and running (as I was always too self conscious!). I now love both and look forward to my sessions each week. I look upon trying new things with a can do attitude rather than the no way one that was in place before and I can honestly say that joining Aspire and having a personal trainer was the driving factor to me changing my life."



Training with Ben at aspire pushed me that much further and harder than i could on my own. It got me into the best shape of my life.



"Thank you for all the training, classes and advice you have given me. I really enjoyed every minute (well almost!!).  Aspire is the most friendly and welcoming gym I have ever been a member of and I’m really missing it all! I have achieved more with aspire than I ever thought I would!"  Non Davies

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to help me achieve my goals. You made me believe I could achieve them and taught me how to keep on pushing myself. You’ve put such an effort in with me; your thoughtful, perceptive approach has meant I’ve enjoyed every minute of training with you even though I thought I might DIE at times!!"  Jan Coles


"Thanks to the whole team for helping me with my fitness training for this year’s Cardiff Half Marathon – my first event at this distance. I didn't just achieve my target time of 2.15, but smashed it with a time of 1.54.22!  As a testament to my improved fitness I finished the race strongly and needed only a short recovery time. I look forward to continue my training and aim to run the 2010 event sub 1.44! " Tal Maynard


"Thank you for all your support and encouragement since I joined aspire. Somewhat miraculously, you have managed to foster in me a positive attitude towards exercise – no mean feat!!!"  Judith


"Thank you so much for all you’ve done to get me back into shape after having the twins. You (Ben) are a fantastic trainer and I have had a great time!"  Rachel Lawes


"I just want to thank you for getting me through the weekend. I am so glad I was able to take part and will never forget how amazing you all were.  I have wonderful memories and some great photos! I hope to see you all soon. Thanks again guys – you are fab! With love from a very aching Tracey! " Tracey (Completed the 3 peaks challenge)


 "Thanks to George and Pete for introducing me to fitness and helping me to enjoy it so much! Thanks also for all your skill, advice and patience before and after my operation. We all know things wouldn’t have gone nearly as well without you! You are both brilliant!"  Cathy Horton

"Training with you has been fantastic! I don’t want to go on too much but discovering “the gym” and “fitness” has been amazing and I hold you responsible. You really have helped me change my life."  Dr. Libby Nugent


Thank you for all your help, support and patience over the past few months. I have discovered that I actually enjoy exercise with the added bonus of being able to fit into my old clothes again – hoorah!!  Lowri  

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