A Week in the Life of Aspire Fitness Gym



This week I am mainly hungry, I think it’s likely as a result of the week I have had.  As trainers here at aspire, we are accustomed to the long hours that the leisure industry requires us to work: when people have their leisure time, we have to be at work to provide those leisure activities. In fact, it’s often commented that those long hours of work and training keeps us out of trouble. Doing those long hours this week has enabled me to fit a lot of stuff in and, have been especially good with all manner of positive experiences shared.

The Health and Fitness Spectrum

As anybody that knows me will testify, I tend to witter on endlessly about health and fitness and more specifically a spectrum of health and fitness. This is the notion that within the human condition, all individuals lie within a spectrum of ability/performance.  At one end of the spectrum you may have a young healthy Olympic athlete seemingly endless in their pursuit of what can be achieved. At the other end, a chronically ill or injured individual who may feel hopeless, disempowered or disabled by the circumstances of their life.

Here at Cardiff aspire fitness, we are in the business of moving people along this spectrum, attempting to empower people through building strength, fitness and the associated benefits to health that training provides. 

It is because of this spectrum that this week has been particularly rewarding. 


This week Steve learned to do a power clean (sports conditioning exercise normally used to improve power in movement).  Only 5 weeks earlier we treated Steve for a particularly painful lower back problem, this came about because of several underlying factors that needed correction. This injury had left him questioning the likelihood of being able to continue exercising.

The Power Clean Helps Everyday Life

Learning the skills required to achieve this power clean are a natural extension of improving the mechanics of how people move, encompassing flexibility, coordination, strength, balance and proprioception. The skills required to carry out this movement have (what we refer to as) carry-over to other movements that Steve has to do all the time, thereby enabling him to get back to a full life.

From Rehab to Athlete

Geraldine also crossed a threshold from almost purely rehabilitation exercises to the more athletic end of the spectrum, reintroducing her to the same exercises that she would have been practicing four or more years ago. For Geraldine and I, this heralds exciting times.

Pontypridd Client Moving Forward from High Blood Pressure

New client Mark has overcome barriers in his lifestyle to re-enter into a program of exercise. This is particularly important for him as he is currently dealing with high blood pressure. This week we have been discussing the factors that contribute to him having a consistent and effective relationship with exercise while introducing him to the types of exercise that better suit his current circumstances.

Welsh Three Peaks Completed!

Finally and by no means least, Ben and I led and guided a group from a local charity over the Welsh three peaks. Participants were a mixture of members of the gym and members of a local church. The challenge found itself being roundly whipped with the group performing well and showing strong team working skills and levels of fitness to complete the challenge in just a little over thirteen hours. Certainly speaking for the gym members, they have achieved for some of them feats of endurance that were previously unobtainable to them. This success not only has changed their physical ability to complete/compete in challenges, but also ushered in a realisation that achieving previously impossible tasks does wonders for your confidence to have a go again at the next challenge. To me, that sounds a lot like the Olympian that is trying to achieve whatever they can.


Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist and Co-Director of Aspire Fitness Gym in Cardiff