Powerlifting for women!

Powerlifting for Women


How it all started...

I joined aspire fitness gym in Cardiff with my best friend Monica in April 2011, to be precise, on 7th April – how weird that I remember this date – I guess it is special as it took me on the journey I had never ever dreamed of taking.


"I Was So Unfit"

We were been put through some grueling cardio – that is how it seemed at the time but looking back it became apparent how unfit I was at the time.  I hated every single minute of it and if it wasn’t for Mon’s nagging to go to the gym I would have given up and abandoned the gym after about a month, much like I have done with the previous ones.  We had paid for the sessions with personal trainers at the gym.  We started with Pete who had been very gentle to start with, considering he has an army background!  He encouraged and pushed us and started with baby steps and thanks to him as well I stuck with it.  Pete got us going at a very slow pace and babysat us really – he did an amazing job with helping us getting used to the gym.

Choosing a New Personal Trainer

Pete then went onto his placement to complete his physio degree – how inconsiderate was that lol!  We had to decide who to train with in his absence; after 'eyeing up' the three remaining trainers we decided that Joe was the least scary one at the time.  Joe it was then.

Beyond our Comfort Zones

We had discovered that Joe wasn’t so scary after all – quite the opposite he was very encouraging and pushed us beyond our comfort zones.  What Joe also managed to do amazingly well was to handle both of us at the same time – for those who know us we are like comedy duo and we do get carried away at times – some would say that we need a short lead J - others would call us evil twins!  Joe has a patience of a saint J

I continued my training with Joe 'til end of 2011 and at the beginning of 2012 something amazing happened, Joe had thought about introducing me to powerlifting as my type of sport.  At the time I hadn’t thought much of it so just went along with the idea. 
I still wasn’t taken by the idea too much – my main had become personal records all the time – a mistake all lifters make when they start out.  I wouldn’t really count myself as a lifter then and I still have a very long way to go but I am on my way.

It was at this time that Joe could see my strengths and suggested that I work with Mike who is a Strength and Conditioning coach – Mike is awesome and he has been working with me on Olympic lifting (my other love) as well as powerlifting.
My First Competition

I decided to enter a powerlifting competition in January 2013 with Polly one of the fellow lifters from the gym– I wanted to win, that was my main aim and I was freaking out – I am a socially very akward person and a room full of people was my biggest fear.  I wasn’t prepared at all for what to expect.  As I stood in the queue to be weighed, this girl in front of me turned around and started blaberring on about how this is her first powerlifting competition and how nervous she was.  Although at the time I was thinking I am worried as it is – I was also grateful for her distracting me from my thoughts.  We have actually become friends and she is a very supporting and kind person –Jane you know I am talking about you J

I didn't do too badly in my first powerlifting comp – I won the Champion title in my weight and age category.  I was inspired even though I didn’t manage to lift what I wanted to, but that was down to not listening to instructions properly and being overambitious with my attempts.  Results: squat 95 kg; deadlift 125 kg, and benchpress 50 kg.  I was hooked – I wanted to become a “proper powerlifter”.
Needless to say I have entered another powerlifting meet in May and am very excited about it.  I have read up on preparation for the meet and how to pick my attempts. My greatest help was my personal trainer, Tom. When I turned up at the gym the night before the competition close to tears not knowing what I was going to do with my warm ups before the lifting.

On the day I knew what I was doing thanks to Tom and what I was hoping to get out of the max effort lifts. 

To be continued.......................