T-Fit Courses and Family Fit

T-Fit (Teen-Fit)

The T-fit courses are designed to give teenagers and 
young people the basic skills to use the gym effectively and safely.

Basic T-Fit Course
The basic T-fit course is a minimum requirement for under 16s to use our gyms. It includes 4x60 minute sessions, where 
individuals will learn the basic exercises, how to use the exercise equipment, and develop a basic training programme to follow.

Week 1- Warm up/cooldown, Cardiovascular machines
Week 2- Resistance Machines
Week 3- Basic free-weights exercises, exercise programme 
Week 4- Programme Design and competency test

Intermediate T-Fit Course  
The intermediate T-fit course is suitable for anyone wanting to get more out of their gym training. It focuses on free-weight exercises and how to perform them safely and effectively. It looks at the appropriate weight to use and how they should be incorporated in a specific training programme to achieve the desired goals. 

Week 1- Lower Body Compound exercises 
Week 2- Upper Body Compound exercises
Week 3- Compound exercise recap, Isolation exercise technique and application
Week 4- Programme Development

Advanced T-Fit Course
6 x 60minute sessions

The advanced t-fit course is suitable for anyone wanting to get more out of their gym training. For example, aspiring rugby players, athletes, runners. Or anyone just particularly keen on developing the fitness. 

Week 1- Advanced Upper Body Compound exercises 
Week 2- Advanced Lower Body Compound exercises
Week 3- Appropriate Olympic Lift Variations
Week 4- Plyometric, Conditioning
Week 5- Technique Refinement & Advanced Programme Development
Week 6- Technique Refinement & Advanced Programme Development

Please contact us to sign up to a course or alternatively if you have four friends interested then we can provide a course at a time to suit you.

Family Fit

Family fit is a group training session for parents and children.  The emphasis is on safe, effective and fun to develop a healthy relationship with exercise.  This is not a class where Mum or Dad sits down and lets the kids run around - this is a session where everyone exercises!  There is a ratio of 1 parent to 1 child and you will both 'exercise' together.  The exercises will be tailored to be an effective workout for the parents and fun for the children (and maybe it might even keep them quiet for an hour or two afterwards too!).  If you are interested in this please contact us (02920 235523) to book in advance as spaces will be limited to 8 adults and 8 children. The class is suitable for children aged 4 - 12.

Sessions are then every Sunday at 4pm. They cost £6 per session (this is for both of you) or you can buy 10 sessions for £50.


Basic Course 4x60minute sessions £25 per person
T-Fit Intermediate Course 4x60minute sessions £25 per person
Advanced Course 6x60minute sessions £35 per person
Family Fit £6 per session for 1 parent & 1 child (You must book and pay for the session before) 
Family Fit 10 sessions for£50