Ultimate Fitness Training 6 Week Fitness & Conditioning Course

A six week intense physical prepartaion fitness course. Fitness Improvments Guaranteed! This course will rapidly improve your general fitness level. this course will get you into the best shape of your life!
This course is avaliable as a group session at set times or on a 1:1 basis.

Is this course for you?
If you have a good general level of health and fitness and are generally active or have active jobs and want a swift fitness inprovement, then yes!  You don't have to have been training before, but you do need to be generally healthy and free from injury or illness to complete the course.  Ostacle course racer?  This course will get you ready for your next race within 6 weeks!

Whats on  the course?
There are 18 planned sessions, starting and ending with a series of fitness tests to show the improvement you have made!  The course has been designed by our Sports Scientist Ben, and uses a combination of traditional exercises combined with current sports science influences to gain you rapid improvements in general fitness!  So you will use bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, spin bikes, circuit training, free and machine weights.  The program design is progressive so that the workload increases across the sessions to ensure you improve!  

The course is run as a one to one personnal training sessions from our gyms in Canton and Nantgarw:

The 1:1 course is specific to you and your goals and the sessions can be arranged to suit you.  The cost of the 6 week course on a 1:1 basis is £450.00 and includes 3 x 1:1 training sessions per week, and unlimitted use of the gym and classes.

For more information or to sign up and rapidly improve your fitness contact us here or you can buy online with the button below.  One you have purchased the course, we will call you to arrange your first session.